About Us – Faq

“The individual team members, players and support staff alike, represented the Harlem Ambassadors organization with style, grace, and integrity.

Is Harlem Ambassadors, Inc. a member of the Better Business Bureau?

Yes. Harlem Ambassadors, Inc. is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau. Click here to verify BBB accreditation and see a BBB reliability report.

Where can I buy tickets for a Harlem Ambassadors game?
Each Harlem Ambassadors event is hosted by a local non-profit community organization. The host organization selects the game venue, sets ticket prices, and decides where to sell tickets. To see where the Harlem Ambassadors will be performing an event, please check the Tour Schedule.

When will the Harlem Ambassadors be in my area?

The Harlem Ambassadors perform more than 200 events each season, from September to May, and travel to different regions of the country throughout the tour. Take a look at the current Tour Schedule to see when the Harlem Ambassadors will be in your state. The Ambassadors visit communities of all sizes, from small towns to big cities. Don’t see your community on the tour schedule? Host an event and bring the Harlem Ambassadors to your hometown!

When did the Ambassadors begin performing?

Harlem Ambassadors, Inc. was founded in 1998 by Dale Moss who signed professional performer Lade Majic in April 1998 to direct basketball operations. The first Harlem Ambassadors game was played in Mountain Home, ID, on Oct. 10, 1998. Over the years, the Harlem Ambassadors tour schedule has included events in 49 states and 19 countries, including tours to Pearl Harbor, Bosnia, Kosovo, Sarejevo, Korea, Japan, the Marshall Islands, Guam, the Federated States of Micronesia, Germany, England, and Canada. Harlem Ambassadors strives to provide quality family entertainment that is fresh and new and features a woman as the central comedy figure. As our slogan says, “It’s Not Your Grandfather’s Basketball Show.”

Are the Harlem Ambassadors affiliated with any other teams?

No. Harlem Ambassadors, Inc. is not affiliated with any other “Harlem-style” basketball teams. Harlem Ambassadors, Inc. is headquartered in Fort Collins, CO. There are several aspects of a Harlem Ambassadors event that distinguishes it from other “Harlem-style” shows: The Harlem Ambassadors game is affordable for an entire family. In addition to the game being affordable, ticket buyers can feel good about purchasing tickets because the money spent on tickets goes to the community organization hosting the event. Many Harlem Ambassadors events are held in a small venue, not a large gymnasium, allowing every audience member to feel like he or she is part of the show. In fact, many audience members, especially the kids, will be involved in the show through interactive games and activities during the game, between the quarters, and during halftime. The Harlem Ambassadors do not bring a stooge team to play against them during the game. Everyone attending a Harlem Ambassadors game will see local celebrities (teachers, coaches, civic officials, firefighters, former college champions, and so on) playing on the challenging team. You can feel good about supporting your local community and hometown heroes by attending a Harlem Ambassadors game.

Who are the Harlem Ambassadors?

The Harlem Ambassadors are young men and women who have attended college, played college basketball, and are drug-free. The Ambassadors have college degrees in a variety of disciplines, such as exercise science, elementary education, and criminal justice. Some of our performers have even earned advanced degrees. The athletes selected to be Harlem Ambassadors have made positive choices to maintain healthy lifestyles and make great role models for young people. The team is composed of two touring units: the Red, White, and Blue squad and the Stars and Stripes squad. Each squad travels across the U.S. and internationally performing fundraising events for local non-profit groups and entertainment events for the military. The Harlem Ambassadors are coached by Lade Majic, who has performed in more show basketball games than any woman in history.

I’m hosting a Harlem Ambassadors game and wondered if I need to provide entertainment during half-time. Is this necessary?

The Harlem Ambassadors game is a complete show from start to finish. You do not need to provide any additional entertainment. This makes your job easier; when the game starts you can relax, sit back, and enjoy the show. The Harlem Ambassadors’ announcer will introduce your challenging team players and will emcee the entire game. When the Harlem Ambassadors aren’t thrilling the crowd with high-flying slam dunks, they’ll be entertaining everyone with funny skits and interactive games with the kids, including a half-time activity. Immediately after the game ends, the Harlem Ambassadors will sign autographs for every audience member who wants one.

Where can I purchase a Harlem Ambassadors souvenir?

Authentic Harlem Ambassadors souvenirs are available for purchase at the Team Shop at every Harlem Ambassadors game. Items available for purchase include red, white, and blue basketballs, adult and youth t-shirts and pennants.

Is the Harlem Ambassadors show appropriate for kids?

Absolutely! The Harlem Ambassadors show is designed for families and is appropriate for audience members of all ages, from kids to kids-at-heart. At a Harlem Ambassadors event, you’ll see kids of all ages, parents, and grandparents laughing together, singing along to the music, and dancing in their seats.

A Harlem Ambassadors show is a basketball game filled with comedy, music, skits, and interactive games with the kids. During the show, children may have an opportunity to participate in games and win prizes. Everyone will be able to meet the Harlem Ambassadors after the game and get autographs from their favorite performers. The Harlem Ambassadors make great role models for kids, modeling a drug-free lifestyle as professional athletes.