Great Reasons

10 Great Reasons Why the Harlem Ambassadors Have the Best Basketball

It’s More Affordable!
Harlem Ambassador ticket prices are usually between $5 and $8, making an evening’s entertainment with the Ambassadors affordable for every family to attend.

Closer Proximity to the Action
Harlem Ambassadors generally perform in intimate high school gyms and small college facilities which provide the fans greater interaction with the players, as opposed to huge college and major city arenas which leave spectators far away from the action.

A Woman is the Star of the Show
With a growing number of young girls participating in sports, the Harlem Ambassadors feature a dynamic woman role model as the star of the show. She encourages and motivates girls with an “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better” theme.

Post-Game Autograph Session
The Ambassadors conduct a post-game autograph session where every child and fan has the opportunity to meet every player.

Different Opponent Each Night
The Ambassadors give your local celebrities and prominent citizens the opportunity to play against professionals! This gives a wonderful local flavor to our performances, rather than performing game after game against the same opposing “stooge” team.

More Spontaneous!
Giving the same show, night after night, some other show basketball performances are more choreographed. With opponents who haven’t been pre-arranged, an Ambassadors’ game offers more spontaneous improvisational humor. You never know what to expect each game!

Benefit Your Community
The Ambassadors game is designed to benefit worthy community organizations, so the money fans spend on tickets stays right in your own community.

Harlem Ambassadors are Drug-Free!
All Harlem Ambassadors’ players are drug tested to assure credibility in our “Stay in School, Stay off Drugs” message. No other show basketball team makes that claim.

Genuine Promotional Appearances
Some other basketball shows have a separate crew of “players” doing promotional appearances. The same Ambassador players performing in your local game are also available to perform promotional and school appearances in your community. Read more about our “Stay in School, Stay off Drugs” youth program.*

Harlem Ambassadors are New and Fresh!
While adhering to many of the elements of the traditional, Harlem show basketball such as dazzling ball-handling, hilarious comedy routines and high-flying slam dunks, the Ambassadors offer the freshest show basketball presentation today.