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"As a Christian organization, we also liked the fact that we were able to provide our community with an evening of good clean family fun."
Nancy O'Brien Paine, Colquitt County Habitat for Humanity, Moultrie, Georgia

When times are tough, fundraising with the Harlem Ambassadors is exactly what your not-for-profit community organization needs.

Helps Community Organizations Fundraise During Lean Economic Times
Grant money may be disappearing and donations might be shrinking, while at the same time the numbers of persons served by your organization are increasing. During these times, a fresh new path to revenue is vitally important to your organization and that is what the Harlem Ambassadors provide.

It’s a Slam Dunk…

  • Funds Generated Stay in Your Town
    The bulk of monies raised at a Harlem Ambassadors event stay right in the local community benefitting local residents. Unlike most touring entertainment shows, the Harlem Ambassadors’ presentation is promoted and sponsored by local community organizations.
  • Family Affordable Entertainment
    Presented by a local organization, the Harlem Ambassadors’ show basketball presentation is a world-class entertainment opportunity that is priced affordably for families. Tickets are generally in the $5 to $8 range, so that a fun night out remains possible for everyone.
  • Keeps Your Organization on the Community’s Radar Screen
    A Harlem Ambassadors event is a high-profile platform upon which to tell the story of what your organization is doing for your community. When funds are lean, being on the radar screen and being in the mind of your town's residents is vitally important. Your group will be heroes for bringing in the Ambassadors with an event that will draw your community together.
  • Happy Days are Here Again!
    Every resident and every family needs to have a little fun. The Harlem Ambassadors' presentation of comedy and athleticism appeals to all ages, all races, and both genders. A perfect tonic for tough times!
  • Saves Fuel, Saves Money
    Instead of travelling miles away to a distant arena or auditorium, paying to park, and paying excessive rates for tickets and concessions, a Harlem Ambassadors event takes place in your backyard, in a local high school or community college. So don't let the venue fool you; our presentation is world-class.
  • Fan Poll
    What do you like best about the Ambassadors?
    The interaction with kids
    A woman leads the show
    All the Ambassadors have a college degree
    All the Ambassadors are drug-free