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"Book the team - follow the directions - enjoy the event - and count the money."
Bob Bryning, Boys & Girls Club of the San Luis Valley, Monte Vista, Colorado
Stay in School, Stay off Drugs Youth Program

In addition to providing high-quality family entertainment events, the Harlem Ambassadors perform “Stay in School, Stay off Drugs” assembly programs to encourage kids to work hard in school, respect themselves and their peers, listen to adult authority figures, believe in themselves, set goals, and focus on their education so they can achieve their goals.

The school program is appropriate for elementary and middle school students and helps guide students at a time when they may be facing peer pressure and begin making decisions about saying “no” to drugs, alcohol, and other negative influences. During the 40-45 minute youth program, the team will perform a few ball handling tricks to grab the students' attention, then the Harlem Ambassadors’ announcer will introduce the team members and each of the Harlem Ambassadors will share an individual inspirational message drawing from their personal stories. It is important to note that the Harlem Ambassadors are not recovering drug abusers, but rather persons of strong character who have made positive choices to earn college degrees and avoid negative influences. After each player speaks, there is a short question and answer session with the students to review the content of the program.

The Harlem Ambassadors have all played college basketball and have college degrees in fields ranging from exercise science to business administration. They perform more than 100 school programs annually and approximately 220 fund-raising games and entertainment events for non-profit organizations and the U.S. military. The team consists of both women and men who make excellent role models for girls and boys.

“Kids may not always take what their parents say to heart, but they’ll listen to athletes who have a message,” said Lade Majic, coach of the Harlem Ambassadors. “It’s our way of reaching kids. Part of my life is devoted to keeping kids focused on making good choices in life.”

To schedule a youth program, please contact Andria Simons, director of client services, at 1-888-386-4667 or a.simons@harlemambassadors.com

View a VIDEO of the Harlem Ambassadors at Alcoa Middle School in Alcoa, TN, on 2/1/12 or a VIDEO of the Harlem Ambassadors at Southwest Middle School in Rapid City, SD, on 9/17/09.

News reporters often interview the Ambassadors at our assemblies. A few of the ARTICLES:
Ambassadors to Gibbons students: 'Follow your dreams and don't ever give up" (Westborough, MA/March, 2012)
Harlem Ambassadors bring message of hope to students in Opelousas, LA (January, 2012)
Pro team encourages students to achieve, players are all drug-free college grads (Sterling, CO/ March, 2012)

Here are a few comments about the “Stay in School, Stay off Drugs” presentation:

  • "As a teacher at Warrenton, I am critical of the class time we give up when we attend assemblies. An assembly must meet stringent criteria in my opinion, to be worthy of taking valuable teaching time away from the classroom. The Harlem Ambassadors were a group that met my criteria. The time spent watching their performance and listening to their testimonials left a positive and lasting impact on my students."  Shellie O'Connor, Warrenton Grade School, Warrenton, OR
  • "The presentation to our Post Falls Middle School students was a resounding success. As one in attendance at this event, I was very impressed with the way that the team reached out to the students in an impactful way, combining humor and athletic ability with a straightforward message where education and personal decisions must be considered a priority to achieving goals and dreams. The students behaved in such a way as to confirm to me that they too valued the interest shown in them by the team." Jerry Lyon, president of Post Falls Kiwanis, Post Falls, ID
  • “Our [game] day began with an excellent assembly at the local elementary school. The message delivered by your team was well-received and most pertinent to today’s need for continued education and diversion from the ever-present drug problem.” Don Stover, Newcastle Area Chamber of Commerce, Newcastle, WY
  • “They kept the entire student population at attention throughout their presentations, leaving the kids cheering for more as they exited the gym.” Joel Campbell, Basketball NWT, Yukon, Canada
  • “The personal testimony from members of the team was memorable and inspiring. This was well worth the additional expense.”  Bobbi Jo Brown, Danville-Pittsylvania County Habitat for Humanity, Danville, VA
  • "Friday, before the big game, the Harlem Ambassadors spoke to our Sault Middle School about the importance of staying in school, getting a good education, maintaining a positive attitude, respecting each other, their teachers, and themselves, and about making right choices even when it may not seem 'cool' to do so. I can't think of better messages to convey to our children than the ones they covered that Friday." Shannon Veum, Sault Rotary President, Sault Ste. Marie, MI
  • “The Ambassadors’ emphasis on education and healthy living is a message we should all share with our communities. The Junior High assembly starring the Ambassadors was the biggest catalyst to selling tickets. These kids went home and told their parents about the event and about the stars who stressed staying in school and off drugs. As an added bonus, we had Lade Majic who is equally a strong role model for girls and boys.”  Janet Dold, Greater Monticello Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau, Monticello, IN
  • “We were told that the high school gym held the largest crowd ever! We believe that our success was due to the fact that the team visited both of the elementary schools and middle school on game day….”  Decatur County Habitat for Humanity Board of Directors, Parsons, TN
  • “As we approached the event I was contacted to see if we might want to do some assemblies at the local schools and we jumped on the chance. When the team came to town, I was impressed with the way they conducted themselves and how the kids reacted to them. The assembly was one of the best things that we could have done because it got the kids excited about the upcoming basketball game.”  Stephanie Mercer, McAlester Lions Club, McAlester, OK
  • “The two assemblies were enthusiastically received at the schools and undoubtedly helped spur ticket sales for a standing-room-only crowd the night of the game.”  Ruby Seivers, Gonzales Noon Lions Club, Gonzales, TX
  • “Base officials and parents were very pleased that such talented young people would take the time to share words of wisdom with the base children. Many agreed that the Harlem Ambassadors is a unique basketball show group and glad they bring with them a strong message of the importance of education.”  Tammy Bridges, 78th Air Base Wing, Robins Air Force Base, GA
  • “I wish to especially thank the Ambassadors for visiting our students, helping our country with the message of ‘stay in school and stay off drugs’ program. It is something that we need from this part of the world and our students enjoyed listening to the messages and meeting the team.”  Baklai Temengil, Palau National Olympic Committee, Republic of Palau
  • “Their ‘stay in school, stay off drugs’ programs for local schools were enthusiastically received by the students and teachers. The players are a great bunch of people. In all respects, the Harlem Ambassadors’ visit to the Marshall Islands was definitely a highlight of the year.”  Giff Johnson, Marshall Islands Basketball Federation, Majuro, Marshall Islands
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