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"Of the many activities Abilene Habitat for Humanity has undertaken in the past, none has been more pleasurable and financially rewarding to our...>>MORE
Karen Mendoza, Abilene Habitat for Humanity, Abilene, Texas
Do You Want to Be an Ambassador?

We are seeking performers at all positions: point guards, show dunkers, and strong inside rebounders and defenders with size. Open to men and women athletes. Harlem Ambassadors must be clean cut, college-educated and drug-free. Compensation comparable to minor league professional opportunities. TRAVEL. BE A ROLE MODEL TO YOUTH. ENTERTAIN. GET PAID TO HAVE FUN.

TO APPLY: Complete the PERFORMER QUESTIONNAIRE and fax it to 224-880-5271 or email it to recruiting@harlemambassadors.com

Do you have a college degree?
Are you drug free?
Do you want to play basketball and get paid?

If so, you should consider playing for the Harlem Ambassadors.

Performers with unrealistic NBA hoop dreams need not apply.

Check out our performer profiles, watch our videos, and learn what kind of performers/people we are looking for. Then, if you are interested in joining the team, contact us!

  • Fan Poll
    What do you like best about the Ambassadors?
    All the Ambassadors have a college degree
    The interaction with kids
    A woman leads the show
    All the Ambassadors are drug-free