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7 Things That You Don’t Know About Ceiling Fans

7 Things That You Don’t Know About Ceiling Fans

Smart ceiling fan is the air conditioner that many people choose. Apart from its function, this fan is considered to have high aesthetics. Almost every residence has a fan that is used to cool the room. Not only air conditioning, some people even choose a fan to cool the air in the place which is quite affordable.

This type of fan is usually placed at the top of the house in a hanging position. However, there are unique facts about these fans; here are the reviews.

Making the room even hotter

Every occupant of the house needs a fan to cool the room. However, the t fan has the effect of making the room even hotter. Because the electric motor is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, the hanging fan motor can be more desirable than the place. It’s no wonder these ceiling fans can cause the room to become hotter.

Functions And Uses Can Be Adjusted

The usefulness of a ceiling fan will be felt if it is closer to the distance or larger. Even though the electric motor on the fan is quite hot if you have a massive fan, a small room, and a space that is not far away, the benefits of the fan can be felt. Therefore, those of you who have a ceiling fan at home can readjust it. Both in terms of size and distance, so you can get the most out of these fans.

Ceiling Fan With Bigger Blade Is Better

Did you know that the fan with the longest blade has high effectiveness in cooling the room temperature? However, the fan with the shortest edge has low efficiency because it is considered not able to cool the room properly.

Even though it has a smaller form and looks practical, its function is not maximized correctly. Choosing a fan with a long and large blade will be the best choice because the ceiling fan with the largest rinse will cool down better than just a display case.

Fan Won’t Save Money If You Still Have aircon.

If you don’t have AC at all, a fan is your solution to save operating costs in your home. However, if you still have a house with air conditioning, then you shouldn’t need to use a fan.

It is, therefore, best if you have either a ceiling fan or an air conditioner to save on electricity costs. If you use these two devices, the price you spend will be huge every month. You can use other alternatives, for example enlarging the vent or opening the window so that air circulation is smoother and the air can be fresher.

Safety first

You need to know that ceiling fans also make some people worry because they are afraid that their head will get stuck or the fan will fall. Even so, today’s fans have a higher level of security. However, you still have to check periodically to find out whether the ceiling fan is installed correctly or not.

Where is the most appropriate position to install a ceiling fan?

The position of the fan is critical; the right location ensures the safety and performance and efficiency of the fan.

  • Ceiling fans will produce optimal airflow when placed approximately 2.4m to 2.7 meters above the floor.
  • The recommended position of fan blades is to be at least 2.1 meters above the floor.
  • The recommended ceiling position of the fan blades is to hang at least 20cm to 25cm below the ceiling or ceiling.
  • The recommended position of fan blades is to be at least 45cm from walls, doors, cabinets, and posts.
  • If you install on a high or sloping ceiling, it is not efficient and needs to be lowered again so that the position is optimal according to the recommendations.
  • Ensure that the location on the ceiling and surrounding areas are not cracked or damaged.

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