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Top 5 Most Haunted Places in Pune

Top 5 Most Haunted Places in Pune

Getting scared or haunted will elevate your hormones, and hence if you are looking forward to visiting the most haunted places, it would be fun.

Pune is a popular place in Maharashtra, and if you are looking forward to visiting this place for some adventure, then you should also check it out for the most haunted places.

Top 5 most haunted places in Pune

1. Shaniwar Wada Fort

It is believed that if you are in Pune, then you should not leave the place without going to this fort. It is a fantastic place during the day. But on the full moon night, it becomes one of the scariest places. There are a few facts about this which you need to know.

• It is believed that when a prince was young, he was killed in this fort

• His body was cremated somewhere near the river

• The spirit of this price is there in the fort and it becomes live on the full moon night

• You will not get to see any vision as such, but if you already know this story then just having a walk inside at the night time, will scare you.

2. Chandan Nagar

Chandan Nagar is an area where many people reside, and hence when people get into the house, they would lock themselves in. The place is supposed to be quite haunted. Many people have seen the ghost of a 10-year-old girl will a doll running around.

• It is believed that when one of the buildings collapsed, a 10-year-old girl had died some years back.

• As evening begins, the haunting begins, and people start feeling scared.

• Those who visit this place would visit it during the day, at night it becomes spooky.

3. Victory Theatre

This theatre is there for 50 years in Pune, and there are a lot of haunting stories for this place too.

• The staff people have also noticed and said that there would be some strange sounds of seats getting banged, doors getting opened, and a few others too.

• When the police came and made some inquiry, they could not find anything.

• This made people think that there is the presence of some strange force that is into paranormal activities.

4. Sinhagad Fort

During the day time, Sinhagad fort in Pune gets considered as a picnic spot. But in the nighttime, this place turns out to be quite bizarre.

• It is believed that the spirits of Maratha warriors spook people in the fort premise.

• A few people who might have gone with the cameras during the night time have also told about seeing the ghosts but couldn’t catch them in cameras.

• Going to this place will give you a perfect haunted feel. At the same time, it will also enhance the heartbeats.

5. Pune Cantonment

Pune Cantonment is also said to be having the ghosts of the warriors. People already believe that they can hear some strange sounds there and hence they have kept this as a fact in their mind, Pune Cantonment which is the student area becomes one of the spookiest areas haunting people in the night.

• There’s a house in this area, it gets believed that most of the paranormal activities start from here.

• People who have got into the house could not stay because of the strange things happening within.

• The entire area is therefore supposed to be the haunted area.

With all the above places in Pune, don’t you think it would be exciting to visit them? Pune, which is a city that’s popular for many things, is also quite popular to be having such haunted and bizarre spaces. Do you have the guts to visit them at night?…

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5 Most Haunted Places in Kolkata

5 Most Haunted Places in Kolkata

Like every other attraction, some people like to watch haunted places. If you are located in Kolkata, then you must know which are the haunted and scary places right there if you have just got along to the travel options and are thinking that which would be the best place for travel then you can visit the most haunted places in Kolkata.

The haunted places in Kolkata for paranormal experiences

1. The House of Dolls

The other name of this place is Putulbari. It is a place where there are many haunted stories. Even today, people say that a top floor is a place where people have heard the sounds of laughter. The tourists also feel that the day time, as well as the night times, is both quite strange. The stories also say that one of the groups that had come to visit the place could see some peculiar shadows also. So, when people think more about it, there are more and more haunted stories that come up.

2. Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station

The place is supposed to be the reason for many deaths and suicides. It is the reason why it is now thought of as a place of haunted spirits. People believe that there are spirits that haunt people, and there are even stories where people have seen that the spirits move around in white clothes. So, it is better to avoid the place at night.

3. Writer’s Building

If you have heard of whispers, then you will also know that such things haunt you a lot in life. Hence, all you must do is checkout for further stories. It is a building where the administrative people work, and yet some building rooms are open, and some are closed. The closed rooms come up with some strange voices now and then. People find this area spooky, and no one would want to visit the place at night.

4. National Library

People say that they have heard sounds of the footsteps here and there at this Library and hence it is the place where a lot of supernatural activities do happen. It might not be true ultimately, but people who have visited this place before have admitted that there are some spooky things that they have experienced.

5. Nimtala Shamshaan Ghat

Shamshaan Ghat is the place where the dead bodies are burnt, and this one called Nimtala Shamshaan Ghat is thought of as one of the super haunted places in Kolkata. There are some occults also carried out in this place. It is said that the Deity Kali is to be called upon on the night when there will be Kali Puja. It would be the day when the deity will be powerful.

If you would visit Kolkata once and if you are quite open to checking the most haunted places, then the above listed five sites, you must check out.

When it comes to haunted places, it is essential to know a few things!

• The places that are haunted might or might not have the power of the spirits or some strange things happening. Paranormal activities are a subjective concept. Some people feel that such things prevail and some people think that all that’s just a roast.

• The places that are thought of as haunted will have some of the other stories of the past. You should find a reliable source and try to find out which is the apt story.

• It is vital that some people would believe in what you say and some would not. So, rather than discussing the haunted things, you can keep these things to yourself.…

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