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How To Maintain Your Note Counting Machine?

For the big business, the note counting machine is one of the biggest assets. With the note counting machines, such companies can count the huge load of the currency notes that they’ve earned from the businesses. Without such note counting machines, it’d be harder for the companies and even the local businesses to count such huge amounts of money.

Millions of people use the currency counting machine but fail to take care of the same. For any electronic or mechanical machine, there is a need for regular maintenance. If you don’t take proper maintenance, then you’ll not be able to use it properly for a long time. That’s why you should get some advice from the expert and start cleaning and maintaining your machine properly. In this post, we are going to share detailed information on how to maintain your note counting machine. With the tips and tricks mentioned in this post, you’ll be able to keep the machine in working condition for a long time, saving a lot of money.

note counting machine maintenance

Why Should You Perform Regular Maintenance of a Note Counting Machine?

Just like any other machine, the Note counting machine works with the electronics and the mechanics. The machine works very hard to count the notes. With the test of time, it loses its efficiency. As it loses efficiency and accuracy, you might face issues with the same. That’s why it’s essential to perform regular maintenance and make your machine work efficiently for a long time.

Currency Counting Machine Maintenance Tips

#1 – Remove the Dirt and Debris

With the frequent usage, the dirt and debris may make its way inside the machine. That’s why you should always clean the machine before using it. Otherwise, it may cause the jamming issue. To remove the dirt and debris, the effective solution to use the compressed air spray. With the compressed air, you can easily remove the dirt and debris from the spinner. Not just the compressed air spray, but you can use the normal blower to remove the dirt and debris stuck inside the machine.

#2 – Cleaning Cards

The cleaning cards are nothing but the currency sides cards that are specially designed for cleaning the note counting machines. You have to insert the cleaning card inside and start the machine. It will pass through and will collect all the dirt and debris. Wipe the card and then insert it again in the same way till it comes out clean. In this way, you can clean all the dirt accumulated inside the machine effectively.

#3 – Oiling the Moving Parts

As the currency counting machine comes with moving parts, they tend to get jammed due to the rusting. So, it’s imperative to perform regular oiling of the moving parts. You may get the special oil from the manufacturer, otherwise use the regular oil that you have in your home. The aim is to oil the joints of the moving parts so they don’t get jammed and affect the efficiency of the machine. Make sure you don’t add too much oil. Otherwise, the currency notes will get the oil stains all over the same.

#4 – Proper Insertion

While using the machine, it’s essential to properly insert the currency notes. The notes with cello tape, torn notes, or the wrong size notes should not be inserted. Anything that’s not clean or not in shape will cause a lot of issues with the machine. It may damage the reading heads and also the sensors. So, make sure to properly insert the currency notes that are clean and not torn.

Not just that, if the notes have a plastic wrapper, make sure to remove it. Inserting any note with the stapler pin will entirely damage the reading heads that will cause you to ask for an expert visit. So, you have to be extra cautious while inserting the notes inside the machine.

#5 – Do Regular Dusting

Each day, you should use the dry microfiber cloth to thoroughly wipe the machine to remove the accumulated dust. The machine may stay in the same spot for a long time and will cause it to get dusty. If you don’t want to perform the maintenance, then regular dusting with the microfiber cloth is the ideal thing to do.

#6 – Get Expert help

Many of the companies provide prompt assistance for fixing any issues with the machine. With the warranty repair service, you can ask for regular maintenance and repair of the machine. With the expert handling your note counting machine, you’ll not have to worry about the technicalities, and the expert will do everything for you. From cleaning the machine, oiling the moving parts to replacing the damaged ones, the expert will do everything. You can ask the manufacturer or even get an expert from your local area.

Final Words

There are some businesses that have huge cash inflow. The local grocery stores, petrol pumps, and even the jewelry shops do have huge cash inflow. So, such businesses require the cash counting machine for proper calculations. Any mistake in the note counting will cost them money. So, note counting machines are popular in India. With the proper maintenance, the machine will stay in working condition, and you don’t have to worry about performance degradation, which is quite harmful to the businesses. I hope you’ve learned a lot about the maintenance of the note counting machines. With these tips, you can do perfect maintenance of your machine all around the year.…

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How to remove urine stains from mattress

How to remove urine stains from mattress

Urine stain is a big problem if we are dealing with a mattress and any soft cushion. Infants often pee anywhere and mostly on the bed, and if you don’t clean it properly, you might see a pee smell or a stain, which seems dirty and unhygienic. Various ways can remove pee stains from a mattress. Yes, they are hard, but we will tell you easy ways to do so.

Now let’s start with the first method: making an all-natural mattress cleaner that can be used with various mattress for murphy bed.

Now let’s start with making a natural cleaner. You can make it with vinegar, baking soda, and a water spray bottle. Now the way of cleaning the mattress is to take a paper towel, now a roll of paper towel is a must. Then you will need baking soda and distilled white vinegar. And at last, you need an empty spray bottle.

You can use any other bottle as well. Now what you need to do is first put out the vinegar on the stain or the whole mattress if you want to. Secondly, you need to wait after putting the vinegar. 5 to 10 minutes wait is a must. Now, after that, you need to turn on the ceiling fan. You can also put your mattress in an open environment so that vinegar stain can get proper air or O2.

Now, after a little bit of time, you need to use a paper towel and soak up the remaining vinegar or the whole vinegar over to the mattress. After soaking the bed, you will need to use a remaining paper towel to make the mattress dry or give the final touch-up. After all, this is done, you need to sprinkle the baking soda over your stain. Just remember that baking soda has clumps in it, so you need to break them into a powdered form.

After sprinkling, you need to let it sit for a little while, or let’s say a couple of hours. Now we will recommend that you allow the baking soda to do its work and leave your mattress alone for at least two to five hours. Now various people cannot do that, so one hour left alone time is also good. Now, after that, you will need a scrubber or an old brush so that you can scrub the baking soda out, and then you will have a stain-free mattress.

It is one of the easiest ways of cleaning a urine stain from a mattress, and you can also use various mattress cleaning products, but they have intense chemicals in them, which can ruin that softness of your work.


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